All Of We (July 4th 2015 Reflection)

1988. 12 years young. 7th grade. Puberty. NWA. Straight Outta Compton. Fuck The Police. My life was changed forever. Language changed. Anger expressed. My friends were niggas now. It felt so natural. So authentic. So effortless. NWA taught niggas to let it out. Express Yourself. Be uninhibited. 1985 was Criminal Minded. Poetry. The Bridge is Over. Boogie Down Productions. KRS-ONE. Knowledge. I was 9. 1986 was Paid in Full. Eric B and Rakim. The 5 percent nation. Knowledge of self. Move the Crowd. My Melody. I Ain’t No Joke. I was 10. Thankfully, the knowledge came before the rage. But it all encompassed me. Till this day. Especially with the world as it is. Racists attack us. Burn our churches. Poverty still exist. We kill each other. Economic disparity facilitated by slavery is still present. The majority continue to suffer. Resources hoarded by the greedy. The evil. The selfish. August 2015. Release of the NWA biopic. Let it be a call to action. For my generation. Who are still here. And our Allies. A call to end poverty. War. Misery. Suffering. Disparity. Evil. Greed. Selfishness. Let the righteous act collectively. Together. All who believe. In God. In Love. In spirit. Unite churches, mosque, temples, synagogues. Unite the good. Versus the evil. In our spirit. In ourselves. In our society. Eric Gardner. Mike Brown. Tamir Rice. The Charleston Nine. The unknown others. Let them all be a call to action for us all. To grieve. To share. To listen, trust, learn, speak, love. Together. On this 4th of July, let us begin a new America. The real America. Our experiment needs love. On this 4th of July let’s reflect. What are we celebrating? Fireworks analogous to war? The 3/5th compromise? Poverty? Hate? Fear? This is what America is. And what it has been. Let’s own it. Deal with it. Change it. Don’t be too distracted by cookouts, cocktails, and fireworks. Ask, what are we celebrating? What are we here for? What do we live for? What’s my purpose? I, will live for love. Love for my mother. My father. My siblings. My wife. My children. My students. Myself. My community. My world. Our world. I will live for the love of our world. And I hope you will too. 


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