Hillary’s Strength and Grace

I have always believed that women have special powers. Maybe it’s because of my awesome mom Pauline Bowman or my amazing sisters Deanna Bowman Dawn Bowman and Denise Bowman-Washington. That belief has been reaffirmed by my wife Melissa Oppenheimer Bowman and many women that I have worked with throughout my life.

Those special powers were on display last night for the world to see. Hillary Clinton withstood the misogyny, immaturity, incompetence, and downright disgusting behavior and presence of this “man” with unflinching grace, strength, and brilliance. He attacked her husband and his infidelity, her choices as a public defendant in her early life, pointed his finger at her while “mansplaining,” and disregarded answering questions directly just to continuously attack her. He even threatened to throw her in jail if elected, another new low in our country’s history as stated by Michael Elliot.

Despite his desperate attempts to unravel her, she dismantled him last night.

She answered every question directly, clearly, and spoke with an authenticity that I personally have not seen from her. She displayed a vision for bringing people together while he wants to tear us apart. She represents possibility, while he represents fear. He is the American past, she, the global future.
Hillary Clinton was a great example last night for women, children, and everyone else watching. Her special powers were on display last night and she exemplified what being presidential looks like.


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