Diseased America

We are a diseased nation. I’m so sorry for the families and community that lost their children and loved ones today. I can’t even imagine the horror. This obviously hits home for me as a life-long educator with a son in high school. But this horrifying event should hit home for all of us. These are our children; All of our children; the children of America. And I can’t help but blame this country’s psyche for the massacres that continue to take place. Columbine, Virginia Tech, Las Vegas, South Carolina, Florida twice, Sandy Hook, and many others. The list seems endless. I prayed that after Sandy Hook, which involved the killing of five and six year olds, America would’ve stopped, paused, and mourned, collectively. But instead, it was business as usual. Capitalism, stops for no one. Nothing stops the gravy train of acquisition. We are a country that cares more about power and capital, than we do about people and children. As a result, people snap, and they kill everyone in their path. We try to isolate these individuals as the mentally ill, and dysfunctional, but I would argue that the soul of America is dead; Killed by the one tenth of one percent. They wanted power, and control, and capital, and they have done everything in their power to get it and keep it.

The only way to defeat the axis of evil that continues to economically, psychologically, and spiritually enslave us, is for the righteous to unite, organize, and take our country back. I’m calling on educators, doctors, sanitation workers, bus drivers, food and service workers and everyone in between. These evildoers keep us pacified with great entertainment, and arguing over issues of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and Social Darwinism. These power elite occupy our elected and corporate spaces, and control most of the industries of the world. While we consume their distractions they produce systems of oppression and spiritual bondage that polarize any action against them. It is time to get free and it is time for them to be eradicated.

As long as there is economic oppression, poverty, social Darwinism, xenophobia, and inhumane educational practices, there will be massacres. This is no longer a country of the people. This is the country of corporations, considered to be people as a result of a recent court ruling. These corporate “people” have also manipulated our government toward huge political wins like Citizens United, Stand Your Ground, the end of Glass- Steagall, the new market tax credit, and the upcoming Janus case. The more we let them privatize the world, the more psychotic breaks will occur and innocent people will be murdered. It’s time to unite, across “race,” gender, orientation, religion, and class, to defeat the one-tenth-of-one-percenters once and for all. It is time to return America back to its rightful owners — the people.


One thought on “Diseased America

  1. You couldn’t say it any better! Unfortunately until people are ready to die and stop joining the American “armed military”, things will remain the same.


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